The Best Quality and Cheapest Leads, CRM, Support,
Custom Built Dialers and Leads

WITH FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE (Get leads, and a dialer for under $200/mth)

AKA Marketing is a company dedicated to connecting people, products, and services together.

Today it’s all about EFFICIENCY and getting the best ROI (Return On Investment) in the industry. But not only are you looking for that, but safety in the transition to efficiency.

THAT is what we bring. We listen to the details of what you are looking for and wanting to do, your thoughts on future expansion, then we custom tailor a perfect setup for your business to move to the next level.

Our business grows with your success. Getting a dialer is a big investment and scares those that aren’t super proficient with computers, and we understand that. Because of that when your company purchases a dialer we also take the time to train the owner, the manager, and the employee’s on how to use the system.

We help install, setup, train, and ensure your company is ready to launch A to Z. We set you up with some of the best lead vendors in the market, the cheapest carriers in the industry, and help your company EARN income off their dialing!